Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Kill Bill 3?

who will she kill now? why?

So many

But yes!! i think all my haircut money will go to movies in the next couple of years

Dreads anyone??


Quentin Tarantino has a habit of talking up possible sequels to his own films. This week, he has been at it again, confirming on an Italian talkshow that he is planning to release Kill Bill: Vol 3 in 2014.

“The Bride will fight again,” Tarantino said on Parla con Me to loud cheers from the studio audience. “I think me and Uma needed a 10-year break,” he explained. “I love the character and I think she deserved 10 years of peace. She deserved 10 years with her child, Bibi. But after 10 years something will happen that makes her fight again.”

as seen

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