Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Plz go watch this is to funny

Takashi Murakami

(if u dnt knw)
This is the guy that did KanYe West's Graduation Cover
this guy is one of the best (to me)
if i had the cash then id have his art in the crib

Now check this out^
this is his signature
i really do write like that if he could give that to a fan as a sig
then my teachers need to b payin me for all my essays


Where I Stay

So if u didnt all ready kno there coming out with the movie Where The Wild Things Are

(only book i can remember really reading since Unsigned Hype)

And there is now a group of 24 artist that have be inspired by the book

^Benjamin Marra^

P.s. i knw its a bad post ....just enjoy it...:) smoke and a pankcake

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

ATL 60+

These are actually what i meant Nike
Nice ATL Hawk colorway for the Air Jordan Collection

Whoevers got they throw backs u can take'em out now

Death of Art

might b some of the art i make if i was to do any at all

Rozanna Hawksley’s brilliantly eery work reminds me so much of Francis Bacon’s paintings. Their austere expression deals with aspects of the human condition, particularly death. “Rozanne Hawksley combines textiles, found objects and embroideries to create small-scale textile installations. They all pack an emotional punch, many dealing with themes of loss, isolation and the effects of war (Hawksley herself was a war-time evacuee).” Her work is accompanied by a self-titled book written by Mary Schoeser, which studies the artist’s process and expression.

The Cons

Consequence is ill but under rated
He is coming out with his 2nd album Cons TV
This is his first Single Ft Kanye West and John Legend
(school computer acting up ill get the actally vid later)
Now i said Young Money was hot
But if G.O.O.D Music is coming hard like this(like they always have)
the 2 teams should tour together that b one loooonnng show
But worth the money


Monday, September 28, 2009

Mobile home

ok now when i go on tour i might just have this to ride around in
its gotta be like 200 dollars right?

just looks like itd b fun to do whatever the hell i


if u didnt knw he is Kanyes newest artists (or last i heard)
but he puts in work with the vocals
he was on 808s

the nigga spitta


ATL Big Nikes

Looks like nike its doin it for ATL (everybody) with the shoes
theyre coming out with a big Nike edition for ATL (as u can see)
but for it to b a Big Nike seems a little cheap of them
yea the shoe is new but its just some baby Dunks

And of course the shoe is goin to sell theyre reppin a city and its like 20-30 dollas cheaper then Dunks

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Take a sip of this...

This has to b something somebody put some real thought into

"hey you want a hawaiian punch"
"naw i got this juice, suppose be a energy drink but i dnt feel to energized"
"uh looks good where u get it at"

Coming soon?..idk!

now i have been thinking of actually using the internet for what it has
as in maybe startin a little live webshow/stream
it would seem right to just get myslf out there and frm being bored when i am home
i may even be making better use of twitter(@SuperweirdO) and anything else that lets ppl knw about me and whats goin on with me
all of this is for a good cause
(well for you all it is)
I am going to be either famous or well known
as a designer, model, and whatever else i decide to take over(in respect to all)
but i would like to b more in tune to what the ppl and/or fans have to say
I am going to be successfully

so watch for what i do

will update about what will happen later

Have a seat?

Now this was at the Barboza show
but it wasnt his work

cool looking dead guy coming to a town near u

just some chairs that were in the back
not very butt friendly tho
prettier to look at then anything

doesnt seem smart to me how do u flush it?

Anthony Barboza

today i mustard up the energy
enough to get out and peep this photographer with my uncle
had is art gallery thing goin on nice lil vibe to it
pretty much a networking place for ppl (models,designers,artist)
every thing i wanna do lol
but he had some nice work in there

Check his site Anthony Barboza

Saturday, September 26, 2009


I wish i had me a xbox
halo has always been one game i'd smash in

uh huh yea

woke up with a ill taste in my mouth
(Not morning breath cause i brush the night b4)
it was a actually taste either just a feeling that i could feel at the tongue
not sure why but its just odd that i fell like this 2wice in a row
considering what im goin thru id say it mean something
but i didnt knw what was to come the first night
now that i knw the "taste" makes sense
its not that you knw me
(but u can/should plan to haha)
but i am nothing less then a thinking man
everybody thinks, yes but i can see how they think i just feel like i think more
i concentrate on what happens and what is
and last night i after my business was handle
i found myslf empty headed
not like i was trying to think of what i was thinking about
but empty headed
it was the most surprising thing to me
never have had i sat and not thought about talkin about some one walking by
i was sittin outside in the park and the air was the only thing that could b heard in my head
thru one ear and out
i just sat for about 3 hours
(i knw this cause i was there)
once i started walking and still nothing formed no thoughts
it wasnt till i got home laid down
(where i think ppl get a lot of thinking done in Bed..i knw i do)
that i had my first thought
it was something that mad me feel like someone else asking me a QUESTion
which would set my thought patterns off
"Are you ok?"
i thought a simple no would b the answer
but the feeling just washed over me
to many emotions at once hit me boxing myslf at the time
i took a look at my arm
me on a cloud
this was what i saw
thats how i felt
i was Above All
this is why i got the tat to show the feeling of being high without durgs
i love the feeling but its..
lonely up here
u see all things and hear nothing
its just the best but saddest feeling

understand and perform

Supers in the best fashion

If fashion graced the spandex wearing Supers(hero and villains)

Modulok wears: Glasses – Ray Ban, Jeans – Imperial Denim, Watch – Nixon, Shoes – Creative Recreation

Tri-Clops wears: Jacket & Top – Custom, Jeans – Cheap Monday, Shoes – Nike

He-Man wears: Jacket – Dior Homme, Jeans – April 77, Shoes – Pierre Hardy

Roboto wears: Shirt – Flat Head, Jeans – Iron Heart, Shoes – Common Projects

Stratos wears: Jacket – Wood Wood, Watch – Nixon, Jeans – A.P.C., Shoes – Surface 2 Air

Stratos wears: Glasses & T-Shirt – American Apparel, Jeans – Dior Homme, Shoes – F-Troupe

Skeletor wears: Hoody – Loopwheeler, Jeans – Cheap Monday, Shoes – YSL