Friday, September 18, 2009

Thoughts all jumble....take a peek.....

whats more complicate?
not actally the point of what the thought is but the idea of the thought
to not b trusted but have the blame point elsewhere wouldnt seem logically, right?
like you can do this but i dnt think they would do the same
(you the accused)
( they the blame)
as of this we dnt knw who they is but they have in they're corner power
power so massive it could change your train(ed) of thought or ways
(sounds a little jedi to me)
but for this power to b massive like this why do we have "home training" for
meaning if we have been thru something countless times how could someone change it in a matter of secs?
meaning if we
learned this "training"
practice this "training"
enjoyed this "training"
why would we throw it out the window at its most crucial of times?
(if this its making sense then actually think)
this "training" i refer to is love
if someone can make you change this feeling that
you learn to understand
the feeling that you practice to make possible
that u enjoyed over the years
idk what u have

i would go into more detail but it would take away the meanings
and thoughts u would have to use...

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