Saturday, September 26, 2009

Damien Blottierre

Now this is art


Starting as a fashion editor, after finishing fashion school, for Mixte, Purple and Dazed and Confused without a doubt helped photographer Damien Blottiere see images in a different way than his peers. This is not to say that his style can be credited with working at those magazines but rather the undertanding of creating highly dynamic images that tell their own story. Blottiere is fascinated by the study of dimension, which you can seee in almost all his work. He creates his own paper/cardboard characters which become the set and often subject of his photo. Taking even the most simple of photographs Damien Blottiere cuts, pastes, plays with proportions and finishes with something absolutely fantastic. I am very inspired by the energy and sense of humor in his photographs. he is clearly someone who gets the big picture, a place where fashion meets art.

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