Saturday, September 26, 2009

uh huh yea

woke up with a ill taste in my mouth
(Not morning breath cause i brush the night b4)
it was a actually taste either just a feeling that i could feel at the tongue
not sure why but its just odd that i fell like this 2wice in a row
considering what im goin thru id say it mean something
but i didnt knw what was to come the first night
now that i knw the "taste" makes sense
its not that you knw me
(but u can/should plan to haha)
but i am nothing less then a thinking man
everybody thinks, yes but i can see how they think i just feel like i think more
i concentrate on what happens and what is
and last night i after my business was handle
i found myslf empty headed
not like i was trying to think of what i was thinking about
but empty headed
it was the most surprising thing to me
never have had i sat and not thought about talkin about some one walking by
i was sittin outside in the park and the air was the only thing that could b heard in my head
thru one ear and out
i just sat for about 3 hours
(i knw this cause i was there)
once i started walking and still nothing formed no thoughts
it wasnt till i got home laid down
(where i think ppl get a lot of thinking done in Bed..i knw i do)
that i had my first thought
it was something that mad me feel like someone else asking me a QUESTion
which would set my thought patterns off
"Are you ok?"
i thought a simple no would b the answer
but the feeling just washed over me
to many emotions at once hit me boxing myslf at the time
i took a look at my arm
me on a cloud
this was what i saw
thats how i felt
i was Above All
this is why i got the tat to show the feeling of being high without durgs
i love the feeling but its..
lonely up here
u see all things and hear nothing
its just the best but saddest feeling

understand and perform

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